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Crosscheck Networks is the global leader in API Testing, Simulation, and Gateway technologies with product deployments in over 50,000 customer networks worldwide. Comprehensive API testing includes functional automation, performance, compliance and security testing with patented dynamic mutation technology. API service virtualization enables point-and-click API simulated behavior modeling with virtual emulation providing simulated API responses, latency and performance profiling. Gateway technology enables point-and-click API Access Control, SSO, and Security.

Crosscheck Networks has achieved a 99% customer satisfaction rating for over 10 years. Experience the Crosscheck Networks product difference.



Global Leader in API and Service Testing of XML, SOAP, REST, and JSON.

Functional, Performance, Compliance, and Security Testing


Service and API Emulation. Virtualize services with simple point and click rules.

Service API Emulation and Virtualization


Forum Sentry
API Security Gateway for securing your REST, XML, SOAP, JSON and traffic

API Access Control, SSO, and Security.

Industry Proven Products

Award Winning, Globally Deployed

At Crosscheck Networks, we have focused our technology on the evolving landscape of API services. This landscape is comprised of API services such as portals, mobile aps, cloud services, SOA services, REST services. We build technology products that simplify the complexities of the API initiatives around testing, simulation, and identity and security enforcement.

Our primary 3 product lines are SOAPSonar, CloudPort, and Sentry. These products are globally recognized as best of breed and are deployed in over 41 countries. Our products are designed to be easy to deploy and simple to use. Leveraging over 100 built-in industry standards, Crosscheck Networks technology gives out-of-the box technology for API testing, simulation, and runtime enforcement.

The Crosscheck Difference

Sustained Engineering and Dedicated Team

Our focus on the core product features of API technologies enables innovation and continual evolving product features. Our product roadmap strategies are fed by industry trends and customer requests. Continued sustained engineering produces a set of product technologies that are purpose-built to simplify your efforts around API lifecycles and technology.

The 3 prong approach to building technologies for the client simulation, server simulation, and gateway enforcement enables a unique perspective of all parts of API communication and behavior. This enables our customers to recognize dramatic efficiencies and cost savings using point-and-click technology to facilite modernization of information enchange for SOAP, XML, REST, and JSON without writing a single line of code.

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